Dr. Bortnik is a licensed clinical psychologist and a founder of INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS.  Dr. Bortnik has    15 years of experience in the field of applied psychology and assessment. She has expertise in psychological testing, memory        training, and neuro-emotional reprocessing of past events and symptoms.  She consults to Chicagoland hospitals, Advocate            Condell Medical Center and NorthShore University Health Systems and works closely with a team of medical doctors and                  wellness agencies.  Dr. Bortnik also provides training and coaching to doctoral students, colleagues, and paraprofessionals.

  Dr. Bortnik received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California (USC), and her Masters and Doctorate       degrees from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She was trained at Northwestern University Counseling Center and       completed her doctoral internship at Loyola University.

  Having worked in various settings, such as hospitals, universities, community agencies, and schools, Dr. Bortnik has extensive         experience with different populations and a passion for diversity.

  Dr. Bortnik’s values intersubjectivity in her work and aspires to treat every person and every encounter with mindfulness and             empathy. Intersubjectivity implies that much of human behavior is spurred by peoples striving for health.  Symptoms and problems   are merely attempts to adapt to complex internal and external systems. Individual feelings set a tone for our perceptions, thoughts,   and behaviors. Consequently, repeated life experiences form subjectivity and personalized psychological imprint (personality) that   form our outlook, shape our relationships, and are masterminds behind our future.  The goal of intersubjectivity in therapy is to         make sense together and illuminate undesirable imprints to free the mind from self-defeat.

  Dr. Bortnik’s belief in the power of a positive interpersonal connection and her commitment to empowering people, allows her to       cultivate meaningful therapeutic relationships that serve as a foundation for change for clients of all ages, cultures, and                     worldviews. 

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IPS's goal is to deliver the most effective services to our clients.  We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We will work with you until you feel that you have accomplished what you set out to do or until you feel ready to use the new skills independently. Our commitment to your success will not falter. 




Integrative Psychological Solutions is a private practice comprised of highly skilled, seasoned, licensed professionals who offer comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, coaching, and consultative services. 

“Integrative” refers to our vision of CHANGE. People’s feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are closely intertwined with biological, neurological, chemical, nutritional, spiritual, religious, cultural, social, and interpersonal influences. To heal the heart, the spirit, and the mind or change what isn’t working any longer means to, first, thoroughly understand individual differences and reactions to the interplay between the internal and external realities. Then, using individually selected clinically validated approaches and the safety of a therapeutic relationship, psychotherapy helps release inherent imbalances, conflicts and tensions that obstruct change, which naturally leads to greater harmony inside and out. Collaboration with other specialists and getting the team to work together to support each client is an integral part of an effective and successful intervention.

Our clients come from different paths of life, different cultures and ages. Many reach out to get professional help at critical times of their lives, others seek resolution of long-standing issues, and some want to optimize their mental and emotional potential to reach their goals. Whatever the cause, at Integrative Psychological Solutions, we are highly trained to assist you in overcoming feelings, situations, and symptoms that hinder you on your way to achieving your goals.  In the last 15 years, we have helped thousands of people on their journey towards happiness and self-actualization.